Canadian Record Suspensions And Crossing The Border


Covey Paralegal  prepares Canadian Record Suspension applications.

Don’t let a mistake from your past prevent you from living today! Has your criminal record prevented you from applying for good jobs, travelling or other activities ? Have you always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, visit the Big Apple or experience the excitement of casino hopping in Las Vegas? Would you like to visit family members living in the States?

Covey Paralegal Services will assist you in rebuilding your future and reclaiming your freedom . CPS will:

– Help you to obtain all necessary documentation for your Record Suspension.
– Draft all the additional necessary documentation.
– Assist you in preparing your complete application package.
– Record suspension service is confidential and reliable.

Currently the government processing fee for a Canadian Record Suspension is
$631.00. It is wise to make sure that your application is properly and professionally filled out.

If you have a record and must travel to the United States before you are able to get a Canadian Pardon you will be required to apply for a US entry waiver in order to cross the border legally.

In order to get a waiver you will need to get your fingerprints and a copy of your criminal record from the RCMP. In addition, you will need to prepare a package of documents including the basic application and several other forms and supporting documents. Approval of your application is at the discretion of the US Department of Homeland Security. This means that the better your application package is, the more likely you will be to have your waiver approved.

The processing fee charged by the DHS for a US Entry Waiver is currently $585.00. There are no refunds if your application is denied and most of the time a waiver is denied because the application is not filled out properly or important documents are missing. Attempting this on your own can prove to be a very expensive mistake! Why take the risk?

Covey Paralegal Service has tremendous experience in preparing successful record suspension applications. We can help you determine which documents should be included and which information should be omitted. Call 1-888-744-8002 or 905-492 3011 for a free consultation now!!!

Your Canadian “Pardon” or “Record Suspension” is not recognized at the US border and will not be sufficient to allow you to enter the United States without a waiver if you have previously been stopped from entering.

If you have never previously been stopped at the border and if it is not necessary to travel to the US right away, it is best to have your criminal record removed from search data bases by getting your Record Suspension first . Covey Paralegal  can help you to decide what is best in your circumstances and can assist you with either a waiver or a record suspension (formerly a pardon).  These services are designed to be affordable for everyone!