About Covey Paralegal Services

Covey Paralegal Services (CPS) is a  legal services provider focused on providing affordable access to competent advice and legal representation within the paralegal scope of practice.

CPS is  responsive, reliable and resourceful in the way your matter is handled. Your case is important . CPS   respects the trust you have placed in this service. Professionalism, attention to detail, along with a one-on-one approach to client care is what sets Covey Paralegal Services apart. Your case is not just a file number here.

Covey Paralegal understands the financial consequences of a legal matter. A legal action takes time, money and energy from both sides of the dispute. As a result CPS is  diligent about being streamlined and efficient in the delivery of legal services to help make access to the legal system cost effective and available for all.

Not only does CPS offer a wide range of legal services, CPS can also refer clients to other legal experts for issues not covered within the paralegal jurisdiction.

CPS cares about your journey through the court and/or tribunal system and will work hard to make sure that both you and your legal issue are treated with due diligence and dignity. Covey Paralegal  measures  success by your satisfaction in  the services provided.